Sustainable koi pond water filtration system at Hassalo on Eighth green building


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Hassalo on Eighth is LEED Platinum certified and includes a number of innovative green technologies, from water recycling to eco-roofs.

Rocking sustainability with LEED Platinum Certification.

Hassalo on Eighth is LEED Platinum-certified, the highest standard of green building design as determined by the US Green Building Council. LEED Platinum buildings must prioritize human health, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and reduce environmental impacts.

Custom wood signage announcing Aster Tower in Portland, Oregon's Lloyd District
Exterior signage for Portland, Oregon luxury apartment build The Elwood in the Lloyd District
Exterior signage for Velomor luxuary apartment rentals in Portland's Lloyd District

Reduce your transportation carbon footprint.

With 1000+ bike stalls on-site, you'll be set to ride nearly anywhere. Hassalo on Eighth is only a 12-minute bike ride, 18-minute transit ride, or 42-minute walk to downtown Portland. Being steps from the Convention Center, Moda Center, entertainment, dining, and health care means you won't have to rely on your car for transportation around town.

Aster Tower secure bike garage at Hassalo on Eighth luxury rentals in the Lloyd District of Portland
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Bike stalls on–site
Velomor secure bike lounge at Hassalo on Eighth luxury rentals in the Lloyd District of Portland

Landscaping that is both beautiful and sustainable.

Landscaping can require a lot of freshwater to maintain, which can be unsustainable during periods of drought. Hassalo on Eighth utilizes green roofs with drought-resistant plants, and zero-scaping elements such as river rock to beautify our surroundings while providing carbon-capturing environmental benefits to the community.

Sustainability illustrated in the picture of the courtyard of The Elwood luxury apartment rentals
Velomor terrace with chairs and design materials placed with sustainabilty in mind.
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