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13 Mar 2017

Spring Cleaning: Apartment Maintenance Edition

It may not look like it with the weather we’ve been having here in Portland, but Spring is on the way (we promise)! Now is a great time to give your apartment a maintenance check-up as part of your spring cleaning checklist. Here’s a short review of the parts of your home that you should take care of and keep an eye on regularly:


When cleaning your apartment, it’s easy to forget to look up! Clean dust off the faces of your light fixtures, and remember to put in a work order with maintenance if one of your bulbs die!


In order to ensure that all of your appliances continue to work properly, it’s important to clean vents and filters regularly! As part of your spring cleaning routine, you should clean the hood vent filters on your stove. They can easily be removed from the hood and cleaned using soap and water. It’s best to make this a regular habit, because the oil build-up from your cooking can get nasty fast!Another vent to clean regularly is your lint filter. Make sure that you are removing the screen and cleaning it out after each load of laundry. This is an extremely important safety precaution; Dryer fires accounted for 4.5 percent of all home fires in 2016!

To ensure that your bathroom fan continues to work properly and protect your home from mold & mildew, give the screen a good dusting at least once per month. If you can see dust on the screen, it’s time for a good cleaning!

Lastly, and perhaps the least obvious, is the importance of cleaning the filter in your air conditioning unit. The filter needs to be cleaned monthly with soap and water. Regular cleanings don’t just prolong the life of your equipment, but also keep it running efficiently, so poor maintenance could ultimately lead to higher energy bills. Additionally, a clean filter protects you from allergens in the outside air!


Take care to always keep an eye out for water leaks in your home! Contrary to popular belief, even the smallest of leaks can lead to significant damage. Just because it looks harmless, doesn’t mean it isn’t! Failure to report a leak could result in damage fees at move-out, so we urge you to take tiny leaks seriously.

If you notice any leaks coming from the appliances or fixtures in your home (like faucets or sink pipes in the cabinets below), place a work order immediately so that our maintenance team can get the leak resolved before serious damage is caused.


There are several ways that you can contact maintenance if you need assistance with any of the above items. You can:

  • Put in a work order with concierge, leasing or management
  • Put in a work order through ActiveBuilding

Our maintenance team is extremely responsive, and usually responds to requests within 24 hours. One of the many benefits of living at Hassalo on Eighth!