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12 Jan 2017

Little Big Burger Opens at Hassalo on Eighth

There’s a new kid on the block at Hassalo on Eighth, and it’s a little burger that packs a BIG punch of flavor. Little Big Burger’s 9th location is finally open on the corner of NE Holladay and Water Street (8th Avenue)! A local legend, these little burgers are made to order with natural beef and fresh ingredients.

Little Big Burger Storefront

Little Big Burger Storefront at Velomor

What Makes Little Big Burger Such A Big Deal?

We’ve got a few reasons:

  1. They’re quick and to the point: We all know that too many choices can be overwhelming. Little Big Burger’s limited menu expedites the ordering process, and helps guests focus on the simplicity of savoring the flavor of a good, old-fashioned burger.
  2. They use quality ingredients: Their patties are made with a 1/4 lb. of cascade natural beef, brioche buns, local cheeses, fresh veggies and Camden’s Catsup. Even better? Ingredients are delivered fresh daily.
  3. The price is right: Every menu item costs less than $5. Quality ingredients at a reasonable price can be pretty tough to beat!
  4. An enjoyable environment: Little Big Burger is the place to be if you’re looking for a burger joint with a fun ambiance. The communal-style arrangement of their seating and their killer playlist make it a fun, casual, upbeat place to hang out while you dine out.

… And that’s not even counting their legendary truffle fries or famous fry sauce. The next time you’re in our neighborhood, drop in for a quick bite and see for yourself why Little Big Burger is one of Portland’s favorite burger joints! Their storefront is located on NE Holladay in Velomor, right in front of the 7th & Holladay MAX stop.

*Feature image courtesy of Little Big Burger.