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28 Apr 2017

Live Sustainably at Hassalo on Eighth

LEED Platinum certification was a driving force behind our community’s design; We took great care to ensure that our LEED features fit hand-in-hand with our stunning interior and exterior spaces. This week, we thought we’d share our top five sustainable features here at Hassalo on Eighth. Check it out:


The indoor air system in our apartments offers heating and cooling, but there’s more: a vent in the system also pulls fresh outside air into each home. Additionally, the kitchen hood vents out any unwanted odors and moisture, and low-VOC finishes are used on floors, doors and walls. This keeps our homes free of harmful toxins!


Built with high-efficiency appliances, overhead lighting that uses 20+ year LED bulbs and exterior wall insulation with an R-Value insulating power of over 20, Hassalo on Eighth is a leader in energy conservation. This saves our residents money, and the earth resources!


Each of our three buildings offers on-site composting and recycling services, allowing residents to easily and effectively manage waste. Composting is a great way to save the earth’s valuable resources by keeping them out of the landfill. This in turn reduces waste management costs, which then reduces fuel use. It also supports water conservation since compost helps with moisture retention. It’s a beautiful, sustainable, earth-saving cycle!


MAX and Portland Streetcar lines hug our neighborhood, and we have over 1,000 bike parking spaces on site along with access to some of Portland’s most frequented bike routes. With immediate access to TriMet’s MAX line and Portland Streetcar, we are the premier transit hub on the inner east side. It’s easy to get to where you need to go when you’re coming from Hassalo on Eighth!


All of our low-flow fixtures automatically reduce water usage, and then of course there’s NORM, our Natural Organic Recycling Machine. With NORM, every used drop of water from sinks, toilets, showers and laundry (also known as black and grey wastewater) is collected and stored by NORM. Norm then uses innovative treatment technologies to process and clean the wastewater, to be repurposed for lanscaping and toilet flushing. NORM is the largest natural urban wastewater recycling system in North America, and we’re proud to provide this benchmark for sustainable living both locally and globally!

Hassalo on Eighth

NORM: Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

At Hassalo on Eighth, our residents get to wake up every day in a fresh, beautiful home and be part of a vibrant, eco-friendly neighborhood just minutes from downtown – all while reducing their carbon footprint! If you want to become part of the change with us, find the building that fits your lifestyle and come in for a tour. Let’s talk leasing!