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28 Oct 2016

Shelving Solutions for Your Apartment

nOne of the most common questions we hear from new residents is, “Can I hang personal belongings on the walls?” Every community’s answer is different. In short, our answer is, “yes!” We want you to feel comfortable in your home. You are welcome to mount shelves, televisions, picture frames and more. You can even paint your walls! All we ask is that you restore the apartment to its original condition before you move out. To avoid unnecessary move-out charges, this means patching any holes and, if necessary, painting walls back to their original color. Sometimes, when it comes to living in an apartment, it’s best to find simple shelving solutions for your home. Here are a few of our favorites!


Need some shelving space for your apartment? Get free-standing shelving units that you can pack up and move easily from Target or DIY furniture stores like IKEA or The Container Store. They’re affordable and really easy to put together! And if you just want a few shelves for books or DVDs, get a few mountable single-shelf units and consider adding some storage baskets to help keep your belongings organized.

Corner shelving is also a great solution for floor plans that don’t have much wall space. Shop around to find a corner shelving unit that fits your needs and space. We also recommend visiting Pinterest to get ideas for small spaces and other storage needs! There are many apartment-friendly shelving solutions that are simple to install and uninstall, which will make things much easier for you when it’s time to move.

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